Audi Q5 E-Tron: another Audi EV SUV…

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E-Tron, Q4 E-Tron. Regular and sport back shapes.
A much larger one coming up. And now this: a Q5 E-Tron.
So far, this is apparently for the Chinese market only. But who knows. 
It is supposedly based on VW’s MEB platform and would be the Audi equivalent to the upcoming VW ID6.
Just like the new Q4 E-Tron is an Audi version of the ID.4.
EV range is predicted to be from 260 miles to 350 miles, depending on models.
Will this be replacing the regular Q5? Eventually of course. But when?


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  1. They need to hurry up and bring the Q6-Etron (800V charging, 300 miles+) stateside. The compact Q4 isn't going to cut it.

  2. A generic design with an ugly (but apparently that pleases Chinese taste) front end. There is zero Audi DNA involved visually.

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