2021 Los Angeles Auto Show: don’t bother…

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 Of course, I went to the Auto Show press day yesterday. And let me rant…

I know this is still a pretty bad and difficult year for year. For almost everything. And I do applaud the fact that we actually have an Auto Show in Los Angeles this year. 

But it is actually a shell of what it was just 2 years ago. There were so many events and new car introductions, that 3 press days were needed to fill the schedule. This year, it’s only one. Plus today,  a free day where nothing happens. (You can just walk around and take photos. Or stare at things.)

Yesterday was the only real press day. With very few events. And basically no real new stuff. Nothing we hadn’t seen before. Except for the weirdo Kia/Hyundai concepts. Even Fisker had an event the day before to introduce the Ocean.

Still, it was great to see in person some models I really wanted to see for a while. Like the Bronco, or the Ioniq 5. But so many brands are not even there. It’s actually shocking. If you planned to see the new Cadillac Lyriq, just forget it. Since the only GM brand, there is Chevy. So no Hummer EV either. No Audi. No Infinity, or Mini, Mercedes, BMW, VW. Honda, Volvo, and Mazda are just here through a local dealer! (The Civic hatchback or Si are not even there)

It was just weird to see so many big brands missing. You just wonder what is the point. And, on an even worst note, it makes you wonder about Auto Shows in general. 

Is this the beginning of the end?

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  1. Vince, what was your impression of the Ioniq 5 in the flesh? Different or same impression as pics only?

  2. That underground floor was closed. But I peeked and saw a few things getting set up down there. So not sure if there will be something for the public or not…

    The Ioniq 5 was the car I was the most eager to see in person.

    And it doesn't dissapoint. It looks great in the flesh. And makes everything else look old. The interior quality is pretty fantastic too.
    The only thing is that it does feel like a minivan from the driver's seat. I guess most of that feeling comes from the lack of a center console (Except for the sliding armrest/storage thing).

    The big surprise to me actually was the EV6. Which I didn't expect. They had a metallic black one with a light brown/black interior that just looked amazing in person.
    So I do like the Kia's interior better. But as far as I'm concerned, right now nothing beats the "1980's Giugiaro" inspired Ioniq 5 design.

  3. Conventions have been dying in every industry for years (I am a designer and product developer in about 4 industries that all used to have conventions, that have now been dying off for last 10 yrs). Autoshows were bound to follow suit, and this Covid shutdown stuff absolutely puts tne nail in the coffin. In any industry, the show costs and the lack of return on sales makes it just a big unprofitable hassle for the manufacturers…… An autoshow is one of the least desirable ways for a manufacturer to present. Having no test drives possible, and having your competitors right there for immediate comparison can mean more downsides than positives.

  4. Vince – Did you check out VinFast? I can't tell if that is a serious effort that will end up in North America, or a company that continually says they are a year away from launching in N.A and then never happens.

    The two SUV's they showed are pretty attractive I gotta say.


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