2022 Mazda CX-60: new illustration…

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 This illustration is abviously based on the previous spy shot we have seen just days ago of the upcoming Mazda CX-60.

Which makes look pretty realistic and very close to the real thing.

Unfortunately. As this new CX-60 doesn’t really look new. Our US CX-50 looks more modern and newer than this. As mentioned earlier, the CX-60 will not be sold in the US. While it is based on Mazda’s all-new RWD platform, we are getting a larger model called the CX-70 instead. And of course, our CX-50 is based on the FWD CX-5. 

So far, this just looks really blah. Not much nicer than the aging CX-5. Mazda needs to update its design language a bit. Like they seem to have done with the CX-50.

Let’s hope our CX-70 looks better than this….

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  1. For once,I am glad a Mazda isn't coming to the US market. I hope the CX-70/CX-90 has a much different look than the CX-60. Especially since the CX-50 is looks so good.

  2. No new engine or newer tranny, and probably the same old info system (no power button or touch screen)just plain old technology. This looks like a midcycle external facelift.

    Just like the Chrysler vehicles in the past 20-30 years. No innovation (powertrain) and horrible fuel efficiency.

    This looks like an overweight CX-5.
    My biggest issue is the old powertrain and info system on these newer Mazda vehicles.

  3. The Greenhouse is off the 2014 Subaru Impreza Hatch. Why cant they come up with a 100% redesigned green house to make it feel new?

  4. Changing the greenhouse makes it more future proof. Not changing it looks rather boring. Why else is it more excitement came when the 5th generation Sportage came vs. the 4th generation Sportage? The greenhouse plays a major role in redesign.

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