2023 Kia Niro: official teasers…

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These are the first official pix we et to see of the all-new Kia Niro.
I am glad to see a big influence from the great EV6 inside. The door panels seem the same. As well as the cool Sound/Climate control unit below the center vents.
The outside is still a mystery. It could be a bit too much, like the new Sportage. 
At least it won’t be invisible anymore…
As a reminder, the current Niro starts at just around $25 000. The interior above is really comparable to something much more expensive.
The current Niro is available as a 50MPG Hybrid. A PHEV with a 26 miles EV range. 
Or a full EV with a decent 239 miles range.
I hear the upcoming second-generation might ditch the regular Hybrid version. At least in the US. Offering just PHEV and EV versions with better electric range. It is also expected to use an improved version of the current Niro platform.
I think a PHEV with a 50 miles range would have a really good chance in the US.
I know, this is pretty much what the second-generation Volt was offering years ago. And the Honda Clarity as well. 
I really think a PHEV with a decent range can be a great option for most people. Kia just needs to promote it much more. As the current Niro has been flying under the radar for too long.
At around $30 000 before incentives, the current Niro PHEV is priced pretty well. (Which means the base price for the Niro won’t be $25 000 anymore…)
While at $40 000, the current EV version is just too much.
This is about $6000 more than the new Bolt EUV. And the same as the roomer VW ID.4.
A $35 000 EV with around 270 miles of range and fast charging could be great.
And, after incentive, could end up costing the same as something like a Corolla Cross, or even less.


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  1. I had a 2017 Niro and loved it! I just needed something with AWD. I hope the redesign will also have an AWD option. I would even sacrifice some mpg for that. My next vehicle will likely be a PHEV or an electric but it has to have AWD. The Rav4 Prime tops my list right now.

  2. With Kia introducing so many new EV models you'd think the Niro Hybrid would be the one to keep in the lineup.. not to mention it is the Niro version that sells the most copies.

  3. While I'm very interested in getting a PHEV for my next vehicle… MILLIONS of people are facing the same issue as me.

    I live in an apartment. There's nowhere to plug in the vehicle.

    Some day, this is going to be addressed. But for now, it's a major stumbling block toward the mass adoption of PHEVs and fully EVs.

  4. You're absolutely right.
    For most people who cannot plug their cars overnight, it seems a full EV with a long-range actually makes more sense.
    Since you would just go to the mall (or where ever you have chargers around) for an hour or two and fast charge the car about once a week. Or even less.

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