2023 Lexus BX: new illustration…

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 For some reason, there is a rumor about a new, upcoming compact Lexus SUV called the BX.

Which obviously would be even smaller than the UX. Which I think is weird and probably not true. I cannot see why Lexus would venture into that market. 

The think illustrated above looks to be the size of the new Toyota Aygo X.  Which itself is smaller than a Hyundai Venue. 

I know the illustration is not realistic at all, but it shows us what the huge Lexus grille would look like on a tiny car. Which is even worse than on larger ones. This looks beyond ugly and ridiculous.

Maybe there is a market for this in China, who knows…

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  1. The one's that have seen it describe it as a large spindle on wheels. Unrecognizable as an automobile. The render is way off.

  2. Probably for Europe. Which would make sense given the limited models they offer there and strict emissions. Prob won’t come to the US, but who knows.

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