Acura Integra: Vs. the Civic Hatchback

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The new Acura Integra and the 2022 Honda Civic are definitely related.
But I really think Acura did a great job coming up with a very different-looking car.
To most people, this is not just a fancy Civic at all. 
As for the price, it could be quite a premium over a similar Civic Hatch.
In order to get the 1.5 Liter Turbo in the Civic Hatch, you need to get at least the EX-L model.
Which starts at $26 600. Or almost $4000 less than the Integra.
Unless the base Integra’s equipment is closer to the Civic Touring which goes for $29 400.
My guess is that Acura will load the base Integra with a bit more stuff than a Civic EX-L. With an option package including even more stuff than what is available in the Civic.
Like maybe the fantastic ELS sound system available in all other Acura models. 
Although no panoramic roof. You can already see a “regular/small” sunroof on the concept…
It would be nice to also add height adjustment for the passenger seat. And vents for the rear ones.
Something that is sorely missing from the Civic.
I know this won’t happen, but an 8-speed auto would really be welcome to replace the Civic’s terrible CVT… Since most people will not be getting the manual, this would be a huge improvement over the cheaper Honda version.

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  1. Now that they save money on R&D with this model by making it a Civic clone, make a proper 2 door hatch. If Ford is able to release a 2 door Bronco that sells, Honda, can too.

  2. I agree. Everyone up in arms about it looking like the Civic but it really only shares the roofline and DLO. All the body work and details are differentiated. And it certainly goes for a more sharp/angular look than the Civic's blunt, generic style. 90% of buyers will never know this is Civic-based, just the people who like whining online (yet still fail to grasp that the Integra has ALWAYS been just a fancy Civic).

    It looks handsome. Nothing revolutionary. They seem to have nailed the price here and that's what will matter once it faces the competition.

  3. I think this thing is a lazy dumpster fire. The new Civic body style is just really dumpy, and defies any sporty bits applied to it. And this Integra is the same. You can't fix the long flat hood and upright windshield, and that Honda Crosstour rear end.

    I get that the sedan market it dying, and it would make no financial sense to design a totally unique body for the Integra (even though the ILX got one), but come on. They'd have been better off restyling the last gen Civic coupe and calling that an Integra. So this new "Integra" is merely a cynical way to drum up interest using a classic nameplate.

  4. Shocked to say this about an Acura, but I actually think this might end up being the best looking/vest value car for $30K…..minus that droopy rear end

  5. Super-heavy, the opposite of athletic, Over complicated serious looking design which are absolutely NOT what you expected from the "Integra". What a lost opportunity for Acura.

  6. Not a fan of the new Integra, however I will wait to reserve final judgment when I see it in some different colors. It suffers from the same dated vertical windshield as the new Civic. I actually like the proportions of the Civic hatch better as well. A Touring hatch with 6spd would be my choice over the Integra.

  7. The Integra does not look like much of an upgrade in these pictures, but it will probably be a much better car. I owned a 2011 CRV for 16 months. It was my least favorite car ever. I replaced it with a 2013 RDX that I still own and enjoy. Additional power, sound insulation and a better interior on the same platform makes an amazing difference. So while I think the Civic looks as good, I wouldn't buy one without driving the Integra first.

  8. What a missed opportunity.

    Btw – is anyone else tired of hearing Acura talk about their Chicane lighting?

  9. The hatchback shape, whether it's an actual hatchback or just looks like one, is very tricky on larger cars. Some get it right, some don't. I don't think Honda or Acura got it right. Definitely not conveying the idea of 'hot hatch". Like the Accord, the Civic and Integra look heavy and tired, not sporty or athletic.

    Right now many new designs have totally shifted for the worse yet people praise the designs. The new Grand Cherokee is another one. Went from the previous gen's sporty, strong, athletic feel to the latest model's luxury, let's go to the mall with grandma and the kids feel. That's fine if you like that, but it ends my interest in the Grand Cherokee.

  10. Clearly the same roof, windows and doors with different front and rear ends.. but why does the Acura ILX/Integra always have to resemble the outgoing Civic?

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