2022/23 Honda e NP-1: the production model…

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Honda did show a concept of this just a little while ago. Which is basically an electric version of the new “global” HR-V. 
Looking almost exactly the same as the gas model.
Not much is known about the new EV, except a 310 miles range is expected on the Chinese test cycle. Which is pretty good for a small crossover.
And of course, we’re not getting this.
Since Honda doesn’t seem in such a hurry to offer EVs in the US. Except the one based on the new GM platform.
We are also getting our own version of the HR-V. We’ll have to wait to see how different it will be from this global model pictured here. Which could be the one pictured HERE. But no EV version is coming to the US.
We’ll be lucky to get a hybrid…


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  1. I hate this new trend of writing the brand on the tail instead of a badge (it was okay with Volvo, but anyone else following is just a boring copy, and sooo original)

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