Next-generation Alfa R0meo Giulia: new illustration…

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 The current Alfa Romeo Giulia is almost 6 years old. Over the past few years, we have seen a few illustrations about a possible new generation. Well, here’s another one.

It also comes with a bit of info about it. Apparently, it will use an all-new platform. And an EV version could reach 500 miles of range. (We’ll see about that…)

Not sure if the next Alfa sedan would be an EV only, or if the electric one is just an additional version. Like the EV versions of the Genesis G80 and GV70. 

Things seem to be moving faster at Stelantis these days. With, finally, full EVs are planned for all brands. Which is the opposite of what crazy Sergio was doing all these years. Trying to kill everything but Ram and Jeep.

The Italian brand keeps selling fewer cars in the US every year. It was down to 18 585 units last year. And so far, only about 14 000 this year. I bet US dealers cannot wait for the new smaller and more affordable Tonale coming out next year. As the larger Stelvio was never as popular as they had hoped. And it was just bad timing for the poor Giulia sedan. Coming out as more and more people buy SUVs…

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  1. Did you mean to say FIAT and Alpha?..
    the jeeps have been delayed since their planned update in '07..
    what Yr. is it?..

  2. Nice looking car but it is not reliable at all. It will cause you to pay more for maintenance repairs than what it is worth.

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