Toyota Compact Cruiser EV concept: more pictures…

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As I mentioned earlier, this needs to be produced ASAP. This is exactly what the market loves right now.

It looks a bit smaller than the Bronco Sport on these photos but is probably at least as roomy since based on the EV platform. Plenty of style and that off-road look could mean a big hit. 

Toyota did show a lot of stuff yesterday. But none of it is production-ready. And they can still decide not to produce some of them. But let’s hope this little guy comes through…


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  1. Will car makers stop creating godd*mn huge c-pillar blindspots! Even on concepts! Not everyone wants cameras in place of eyeballs. Sheesh. That and f*cking tinted windows on every SUV/crossover sh*t the public only buys.

  2. I'll believe in MASSIVE trouble with their production. I've been waiting for a RAV4 Prime for over 6 months with no end in sight. It would be another year or two before they can deliver it. Maybe I should just will it to my grandchildren when it finally arrives? I will believe Toyota when I actually start seeing EV's in their showrooms. As it stands, their issues need to be dealt with IMMEDIATELY before they should be offering vaporware to the masses.

  3. "As I mentioned earlier, this needs to be produced ASAP. "


    They know their market a lot better than us.

  4. Hopefully, Toyota will keep much of the design when it goes into production. As the first commenter mentioned, the C pillar needs to be addressed with perhaps more glass. The white rims look kind of goofy despite the Defender offering them on their low-end models. To me, it looks like a Hasbro product. VW is or was going to build a similar rugged EV but the information is hard to come by. This model should definitely make Toyota plenty of cash if they go through with it. The FT-4x before it was a letdown when it didn't get produced.

  5. This compact SUV must be produced with traditional internal combustion engine and manual transmission. No sane individual is going to go TRUE off-roading in electric vehicle – simply due to electric vehicle range limitations.
    Gasoline/diesel engine + manual transmission, just like the first generation of FJ.

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