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 Buick has recently patented the Electra name for the US and Canada. This basically means it will be the name of their upcoming EV. And what a perfect name for an electric car!

The Electra will of course share its Ultium platform with many other GM products. The first one being the GMC Hummer pick-up. Which will be followed by the Cadillac Lyriq SUV and Celestiq Sedan. The all-new Chevrolet Silverado EV will be introduced in just a few days and will also use that platform. And we’ve been told that a few smaller Chevrolet models will do the same. 

All this will happen quite fast within a couple of years. The Electra will be the first electric Buick, but certainly not the last one. 

The Cadillac Lyriq starts at $59 000 before incentives. Which means it could actually cost less than $47 000 in many states. The Buick would of course be priced even lower. In effect, competing with regular Buick ICE models.

Just like the Lyriq can actually compete with the XT-5, which starts at around $45 000.

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  1. How would the Cadillac Lyriq get down from $59K to $47K in many states? GM vehicles are no longer eligible for the Federal $7500 rebate and I’m not aware of any $12K state e-car rebates. If you’re thinking of the Build Back Better $12K rebate, suggest you consult with Senator Joe Manchin on how that one’s doing.

  2. Reads as though Caddy is in trouble too many dealers are unwilling to go pure electric and retool everything after all the other switcheroos back and forth this could be GM's bridge too far.

  3. Vince, are you sure this isn't a refresh for the Buick Envision? With Buick's new signature grille in the illustration, otherwise it looks very similar in size and style of the 2022 Envision.

  4. I like the design Mazda nose and front. Fender lucid roof it could be beautiful if executed correctly

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