2023 Hyundai Grandeur: new illustration…

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While the new illustration above looks pretty great, I am not sure it is that close to the real thing. The prototype in the spy shots and video shows much larger windows. And the whole thing doesn’t seem as sporty as the illustration. I am being pretty picky, but the real thing will probably be a bit less dynamic.

Still, this is quite a good job and shows a really nice design. Again, something that could have a chance in the US market as an electric sedan. Something that could compete with the upcoming Nissan Maxima EV.


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  1. If it ends up looking like that top photo, this will be one of the best looking sedans in a long time. Excellent job.

  2. Has a real Audi 6 vibe to me. Happy New Year! Thanks for making 2021 that much better Vince. Keep up the good work and bad grammar. JK about the grammar though.

  3. Not sure why you would share a link of the 2016 Nissan Maxima article if there isn't any information about a future Maxima EV.

  4. This has the awkward proportions of American luxury sedans from the 70s. When they dropped an elongated body on top of a wheelbase designed for a different model that was too short for it.

  5. No one buys Sedans anymore, but this looks pretty good. Conservative, smooth, no unnecessary bulges or lines, minimalist, much like the Telluride, a little bland but not offensive like most cars and SUVs. They should bring it to the US.

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