2023 Toyota Sequoia: new teaser…

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As usual, even though it is largely based on the Tundra, it will get its own design.

Let’s hope it doesn’t share the ghastly front end of the new 2022 Tundra. What they will share is the new Turbo V6 replacing the good old V8. With probably the Hybrid option as well. Which will compete with the Chevrolet Tahoe Diesel.

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  1. This looks short, like the previous Land Cruiser – which hopefully means two wheelbases (and one that is not as long as the now HUGE Tahoe).

    Might be a smart move for Toyota to offer the shorter length – retain some old LC customers with the more-humble brand and offer a much more basic car the similar size, but much lower price point, than the LX (an area where the LC was too close in the US).

  2. i'm thinking i might like this better than the highlander since it will be more rugged rather than plain jane

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