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Today, we finally get to see the all-new Chevrolet Silverado EV. 
Unlike the electric version of the Ford F-150, this “Silverado” doesn’t share anything with the “regular” Silverado. Since it is based on the GM’s new EV platform. So this is truly “all-new”.
The design tries really hard to strike a balance between the traditional Silverado and more modern truck designs like the Ridgeline or even the Rivian.
It even reminds me a bit of the old Chevrolet Avalanche.
The interior design is what you’d expect. And is quite modern. And that rear seat looks like the inside of a limousine.
It has a really cool glass roof option. And just like the F-150 EV, the front hood opens up to a very large storage area. Which is now expected on an electric pickup truck.
What is not expected, is the availability of a folding rear seat. Which is a great idea! Finally, someone is doing it!
Not only does it allow for much longer cargo, (up to 9 feet) but with the rear bed covered, you can actually now camp inside. (Something the Hyundai Santa Fe should have had)
The more basic fleet WT trim will come with 510HP. And a range of over 400 miles (Not sure if that is standard or optional. The base F-150 EV cannot be ordered with the larger battery and has a 230 miles rating. )
The fully optioned RST First Edition model comes with a dual motor and AWD with 664HP.
All for the crazy price of $105 000!!! And will be the only model available at first. In the fall of 2023. This basically means other versions are probably at least 2 years away! 
The basic WT model will start at $39 900. Just like the Ford. And just like what the CyberTruck was supposed to be (Tesla no longer mentions a base price)
More versions will be available of course. 
It means that no matter what, most of these will be well over $50 000. Which is pretty much in line with the regular Silverado. Since the cheapo double cab version of that already starts at over $37 000.
I think, just like the electric F-150, this Silverado EV will be a huge hit. 
If you want, you can already order one HERE.


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  1. These trucks will make great cars for people. But until any of these automakers solve the massive range degradation during towing, they really don't make the best trucks.

  2. That side rear view is bad. Super long rear overhang and zero front overhang. Front views look okay. Not the biggest fan based on photos. Inside looks fine and some neat features. Cheaper Hummer EV.

  3. The more I look at this, the more I like it. I agree there are major issues with battery deterioration relating to towing, and for that, I think GM beat out Ford on this one.

    This looks like an electric truck, not a standard Silverado. It's got a ton of functional features to provide flexibility to all non-towing truck users. Interior looks clean and futuristic – I wish GM had gone to the MB style shifter everywhere instead of push buttons.

    While I still prefer the Rivian aesthetically – I think this might have a little stronger appeal with unique features and the brand recognition. Bravo, GM!

  4. First thing I thought was "well, looks like they dusted off the Avalanche replacement we never got and added batteries."

    Looks fine to me. But, the thing is, the price?

    Tapping over to Ford I find that the extended range mid grade Lightning is $77k.

    I have no idea how many they need to sell but, how many can afford 70-100k for an electric truck?

    Plus, the blowback from Cletus and his 30 year old diesel is omnipresent and hilarious on social media.

  5. This is great for larger communities with charging stations, and more importantly for fleets. But Chevy is going to have to hybridize to make real electrification gains for the rural purchaser.

    Even for townies, electrics are posing problems in The Great Flyover. Two friends:
    1. Tesla Doctor – went out of town for 5 days with >80% charge. Came back and Tesla was DOA in airport lot. Had to be towed to a charging station.
    2. VeeDub Engineer – got an ID4 and had to drive home in limp mode because he got in his car in single digit temps – suddenly had almost no charge. His commute is about 10 miles round trip.

    EVs in Winter – not a great combo. If you're in Cali, I'm sure you dont care. The rest of us are gonna get a sharp reality check with BEVs. HYBRIDS make more sense.

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