2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV: video…

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No music. No sound. No editing. Just raw footage from GM.
This video gives us a great look at the all-new Silverado EV coming out next year.
Apparently, the “over $100 000” first edition version sold out in 12 minutes. 
But I think the base model should end up being quite popular.
At a starting price of $40 000, it includes a 400 miles battery. While the Ford F-150 EV’s base price includes a smaller 230 miles range. Plus, that basic model with the “cheap” wheels and black plastic front end actually looks pretty cool.
You also get a good look at the upcoming Trail Boss version at the end of the video!
( I drove the current model a while ago HERE)
Just like the F-150 is for Ford, I think this will be a big hit for GM. 

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