Cadillac Inner Space concept: what we should be driving in 2022…

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I usually don’t write posts about crazy unrealistic concepts. But this feels very special to me.
I grew up being a fan of the great Syd Mead. Collecting his amazing books and marveling at his illustrations of a future that never came (even got to meet him a few times years later)
This new Cadillac Inner Space concept looks like the closest thing we will ever see to a real-life Syd Mead car. 
Even the interior! 
While I’m not a fan of these “lounge and do nothing” self-driving interior concepts, this one does look exactly like something Mr.Mead would have designed. Like a luxurious non-flying Blade Runner Spinner.
Besides all this, the Inner Space is a wonderful and classy shape. Something that would fit Cadillac perfectly.  Let’s hope some of the design cues will end up on real cars. They can always use something simple yet spectacular like this.
Instead of this in 2022, we will get the Lyriq. A fine car. But quite a busy and clumsy design next to this beauty.
Syd Mead did like Cadillacs (his last car was a CT-6) and I just wonder what he would have thought of this…


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  1. I appreciate your memories. It is a very nice sleek design. But it is far from production unfortunately. It also reminds me of a computer mouse, that you could put your hand on and click for some reason.

  2. Looks amazing. Although I doubt the age demographic who buy Cadillacs could get in our out of it.

    Are we to see the return if the front bench seat?

  3. lol!
    Great Vapor ware and I agree w. the Meade inspiration – like, if autonomous transport and infrastructure was all figured out, but today, is not that day.
    Caddy better come up with some thing i read the dealers are bailing.

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