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I am still driving the Civic hatch and will do a full report in a few days. But I just wanted to talk about the “star of the show”, which is the hatchback itself.
It looks great. And reminds me a lot of many cars from the ’80s and ’90s. A long and low glass hatch with a coupe shape. It makes you wonder why anyone would actually pick the sedan over this.

It also opens up to huge cargo space, especially with the rear seats down. It just makes everything more convenient to load. 
I noticed a weird, over-engineered setup for the inside cover. There are two instead of the usual cover attached to the hatch with a couple of strings. 
The first one is part of the hatch, while another one is part of the car. That second one is just a rolled-up piece of fabric. And a little flimsy (You can’t put anything on it)
The roll-up part is actually pretty convenient. Since you don’t have to store anything. But the whole thing seems to be a bit over-complicated.
But ultimately, it works!

And who really cares when your car looks so good!


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  1. This is so great that the Integra is going to be a tough sell unless they market the hell out of it. I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a LOT of comparison tests once that comes out. You can get a pretty well equipped Civic probably for less than the Integra. I guess the only difference will be the drivetrains….the main thing most people buying in this class don't really notice or care about. Getting the Si engine mated to an Auto would be a win for the Integra, but what else would be on offer?

  2. Looks great! In your review, post some pics of the neat active cruise control graphics in the digital gauge cluster.

  3. This is probably my next car. Just waiting to see what Honda/Acura does with the Integra and Insight/Civic Hybrid before I'd choose. Hatch? Yes, please!

  4. I'm glad you're enjoying the car. I got the test it out for 3 days and I enjoyed it too. I also had the hatchback but I can honestly say I don't like how the hatchback looks over the sedan. I think the rear looks weird in this generation. But I do appreciate they toned back the eraser boy look of the generation before. It's a good car and would definitely be one of the best compact cars you can buy. Certainly eons above the Toyota corolla. Look forward to your view.

  5. I’d buy the sedan over the hatch because hatchbacks and suv’s are burglarized constantly in the Bay Area since a broken side window provides easy access to the trunk.

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