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This is the very first time we get to see the production version of the upcoming Tesla CyberTruck.
We did see it earlier (HERE) in grainy photos and videos. Where the most shocking new element was the huge and awkward-looking front windshield wiper. Something Crazy Elon quickly mentioned as “this is not the production wiper” (Dec 11, 2021).

Well, it looks like it was…

Otherwise, the above video shows hidden door handles. Different headlights, side mirrors, etc… It’s actually quite amazing they were able to keep the production design so close to the concept from 2019.
Back then, the truck was supposed to start production in 2021 with a base price of $40 000.
Since the production date has been pushed to at least 2023, and that base price has disappeared from the Tesla site.
So who knows. I think Tesl has other, more urgent matters to attend to before. Like the new factories in Texas and Germany. Anf actually builds all these cars they have in backorders. Before they can even consider producing an all-new model…

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  1. It looks like a kit car somebody made for fun. It is truly one of the ugliest things I've seen. Even uglier than Toyota's designs recently. That's hard to do.

    I don't know why they didn't drive to design something it was stylized and nice looking. They showed almost a decade ago that they could make a nice looking car. Granted they haven't really changed how they looked and all that time and all their cars look dated now, but at one time they did make a nice looking car.

  2. Love it. It'll be like seeing the delorean on the roads. A true head turner for how polarizing it is.

  3. Love the comment in the video alluding to loading with produce, because it looks like it is built similarly to his refrigerator!

  4. It really sort of looks like a refrigerator from the back. It's just so bad. The fit and finish even on this looks terrible.lol a fridge with wheels. I guess at least it would be somewhat useful if it keeps your food good.

  5. Not related to the Cybertruck, but I'm happy the comment style has changed to being in-line with the articles instead of a separate window!

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