2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale: first video…

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Why wait tomorrow when you can already watch the new 2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale in action. Right here.
This shows a bit more, but actually not that much more than the photos we have seen earlier. It is basically the same design we have seen since 2029, with a bit of the Stelvio proportions. Although this looks pretty nice, it is nothing really new.
More on this very soon.

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  1. It looks fine. Looks like a Stelvio from the side. The inside of the cars looks not that great in terms of design. Not sure how Alfa advanced the design since the Stelvio.

    I wonder if this new headlight and taillight design will make this way onto a refreshed Stelvio and Giulia?

  2. Stelvio baby! The front and rear look different though and it looks alright. Then I compared it to what Porsche and Jaguar have, and I realized I like this way more than those. So good work, Alfa.

  3. The shape of the windows looks like a rip off of the original 2009 Porsche Panamera.
    From the side, the front fender and hood shape reminds me of the Mazda CX5.
    The front view is very nice, the rear view is pleasant, but not more striking than other recent small SUVs, e.g. Tuscon.
    So who is going to lust after this enough to see out one of the few Alfa dealers? What people under 50 even know what an Alfa Romeo is? Or more importantly, even cares?

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