2023 Honda HR-V: new spy shots…

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These new spy shots of the US version of the 2023 Honda HR-V match the recent official teasers we have seen.
Except the photos were obviously not taken in the US. Which means Honda could add the new model to their Japanese lineup as well. Although they already have a new HR-V, similar to the one sold in Europe.
I guess this would be a slightly larger model over there.
Over here, the new HR-V is rumored to be available with a hybrid option on top of the regular 1.5 Liter model. 

These are some of the photos I posted of the new HR-V a few months ago. This is the US version caught testing in California. 

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  1. Of course they will sell this in Japan.. the only reason they won't bring the JDM HR-V to the US is because its Fit platform-mate is no longer sold here. But since the US HR-V is based on the Civic, it would make sense to sell it wherever the Civic is also sold. And wasn't our HR-V sold in Japan as the FR-V? No reason they couldn't have both there.

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