GMC Hummer EV sighting: not good…

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I saw this yesterday in front of my car. I didn’t know there were out. I guess it must be a press car or something. (Although it did have temporary plates)

All I can say is that it looks pretty horrible. And “ghastly” doesn’t begin to describe it. It just looks lumpy and weirdly proportioned. And just so cheezy. I mean, that name “Hummer” in the first place. This should have been just “GMC”. Is there anyone out there who really wants to spend over $100 000 Hummer in 2022? (Except the usual few super-rich douchebags?)

The new Silverado EV is basically the same thing. With a much less offensive design. An upscale GMC version would have been just fine…


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  1. I personally think the Silverado EV is uglier than the Hummer EV. Neither look great, but I would prefer the Hummer's blocky design.

  2. That side ramp doesn't look complete. The whole thing looks kind of ridiculous, but it does look better than the Cyber truck and the Silverado EV.

  3. IDK I really don't mind the styling of the truck from the outside. Looks fine in a Hummer sort of way. Sure it's not for everyone but i don't think it deserves this much hate.

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