2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio: new illustration?

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 We’ve seen a spy photo of the 2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio just a few days ago.

While this looks like the real thing to me, it still could just be an illustration. Not sure.. Who knows… No matter what this is, the real thing will look exactly like it from what we’ve seen already.

After a few years, not much new… Not sure if this is really enough to help the minute sale figures.

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  1. Not quite sure why the person above called it junk on wheels. They are rated highly and they have all been considered quite reliable so far. There have been no major recalls and they are not known for being unreliable.

  2. Dimwits say all kinds of insulting BS in comments, under "anonymous" of course.
    That's why we get comments like "junk on wheels" from people who've probably never driven one. Or are too young to even get a driver's license.

    You should see the crazy/rude/insulting/threatening/racist comments I get on the site. Stuff I don't publish.

  3. Sorry you have to deal with those kinds of comments. I deal with them as well. It's weird why people have to be so hostile to one another. I don't know why they feel empowered to lash out when behind anonymity. I do appreciate you have the anonymous option instead of having to sign up to an account to post, Vince. Having to make yet another account to remember is not a lot of people's cup of tea. Lol. Cheers. Have a good weekend. Love the site.

  4. A guy I know at work owns a 2018 Stelvio which they bought new. They love the car and he is always very forward about car woes. He says their has never been an issue with the Stelvio so far, it runs great, has been problem free, and is a fun car to drive. He even let me drive it about a year ago through some twists. We had a ball! We both love cars.

    So when people say they are "junk" or "garbage," they are people who have never driven them and base their opinions on old notions that are no longer true (or they are trying to troll). Just like how people slam Chrysler for cars from the 80's even though they are totally different today… or how people positively praise Honda and Toyota from their notions from the 90s, though they are totally different today.

  5. Vince the grammar bozo calls other names for expressing their opinion about cars from Italy well known for subpar reliabilty. Precious!

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