2023 Honda HR-V: new teaser…

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Honda just released an all-new teaser of the next-generation 2023 HR-V for the US market.
While the new pic shows the final tail light. We had seen it before in the previous teaser (2nd pic) and the spy shots I posted a few months ago.
(back when we weren’t sure what it was…)
The engine is rumored to be the 1.5 Liter Turbo from the Civic and larger CR-V. But from the previous spy shots, we know there will be at least 2 versions of the new HR-V. Some of the spy shots showed a prototype with a concealed exhaust. Which probably means a Hybrid or PHEV.

I personally think the new HR-V interior might end up looking like a cross between the current Civic and the European version of the HR-V (bottom pic)
Even if they just used the Euro HR-V interior it would be quite nice.
Honda has rebuilt the HR-V better than it was before. Better… Stronger…Faster….
We will know everything when Honda unveils the new HR-V on April 4th. 


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  1. Random. Pretty sure that second to the last pic with the skyline in back was taken in Boston.

    I do like the interior and I like the concept sketches of it. We'll see how far downhill it translates into real life. 😀

  2. I HATE exaggerated sketch teasers. The production version is extremely underwhelming in comparison, no matter which manufacturer it is. I like the interior better than the Civic and Integra.

  3. two weeks. can't wait to see it. Hope they also bring the US that hybrid you see in the pic! My next car will definitely be a hybrid, not a BEV.

  4. If this is better than the slightly larger Passport, I can see Passport sales declining even more. Why spend more for the larger vehicle if the smaller ones better?

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