2023 Hyundai Grandeur: new illustration…

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 Another day, another guess at ewhat the next-generation Hyundai Grandeur will look like. This doesn’t add much to whgat we’ve already seen. 

Again, the next Grandeur, (like the current one) will not come to North America. Unless Hyundai finds it in their heart to electrify it and squeeze it into the new Ioniq line up. Which would be nice…

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  1. It makes me so sad everyday that the only sedans that will make it in the US has to be an electric vehicle. It makes me even more sad that companies think no one wants sedans. When my sedan finally wears down I have no idea what I'm going to buy. It won't be an SUV but beyond that I don't know. In relation to your post hair events, I really don't like these massive grilles on every concept rendering of this car.

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