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This new illustration shows what a new generation Mazda 6 would look like. Based on the brand new RWD platform from the new CX-60. Showing a lot of the CX-60 language design translated into a sedan shape.

It just ends up looking like a 10-year-old sedan. And still not as modern as the previous generation.  A few years ago, when rumors started about the new platform, the plan seemed to have a new sedan. We saw a few illustrations back then but nothing since.  But I honestly don’t think there will be another Mazda 6.

At least in the US. There is really no room for a new sedan in our market. The Accord and Camry are still doing well. But others are struggling. And the Mazda 6 has always been struggling. Even when sedans were selling like hotcakes.

But, Mazda has been known to spend a lot of R&D money around things. So why not. Maybe they” try again in Japan. But something looking like this would have zero chance in the US. Especially with a brand new Accord coming later this year And a Camry next year. 


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  1. I have more confidence in Mazda considering how well their concepts translate into production models. If they bring the Vision concept to life, I'm sure it'll look sleek compared to this rendering. Mazda has several concepts to pull from for what would be their sport sedan offering.

    As for the rendering itself, the artist chose to graft the CX60 face and side panels onto the FWD Mazda6. I get where the artist was trying to go with this, but I doubt it will look even close to this. Mazda will want their 6 replacement to be bold, since it will compete in a segment that is still highly competitive.

  2. It appears whoever made this rendering used a Subaru Legacy as the base. And then added Mazda bits including the new lower fascia from the SUVs. Otherwise, the body of this car and greenhouse is just a Subaru Legacy for some reason.

  3. Gree houses: 2006.6 Kia Optima, 2012 Buick Regal, 2005 Infiniti G sedan, Subaru Legacy. That's why it looks like something from 12 years ago. The greenhouse is boring Vince.

  4. Yep. They grafted a Mazda CX CUV frontend on a Subaru Legacy and just change the side lines a tiny bit. Pretty lazy. They didn't even attempt to change the rear taillights or the greenhouse.

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