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These are the first real photos of the all-new Mazda CX-60 (except some earlier spy shots and a teaser) and, I am afraid to say, I am not very impressed.
At least from what we see here.
Maybe the angle is just too wide on these photos. Or something.
But this looks like a rehash of the current Mazda CX-5 with RWD proportions. (from the new RWD platform)
The chrome bit on the fender is fine on a Jaguar. But looks like a cheap PepBoys add-on here.
The grille is way overdone. Like a Chinese version of a Mazda design. Or something from the ’80s or even ’70s.
So far the whole thing seems lumpy and not very attractive.
The interior seems like it was designed by too many different teams. I am sure the materials are great, and it probably feels and looks better in real life. But again, this feels overdone. Trying too hard to look luxurious. Or an old idea of what “luxury” means.
I think Genesis is doing much nicer work at designing truly luxurious interiors these days. You might think it’s crazy to compare Mazda with Genesis, by apparently, Mazda claims to be on the way to becoming a much more luxurious brand.
Which means they could reach the lower end of Genesis pricing. Good luck…
As mentioned earlier, the CX-60 is not for the North American market. We will be getting a slightly larger CX-70 instead. But they still might share interiors. 
Let’s hope we get something much nicer looking like this. They were doing so well with the CX-50.


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  1. The interior definitely looks to be a step up from current Mazdas, but the CX60 exterior looks terrible, especially that front grille. Not impressed at all with this effort. I really hope the CX70 looks more like the CX50, but since it will also be on the rwd platform, that is mostly wishful thinking. Hope the CX60 will drive much better than it looks.

  2. See Vince I'm not the only one that thinks a new car needs a redesigned or 100% changed greenhouse. So see changing the greenhouse makes a big difference.
    That's how I felt about the 2016 Sportage because they didn't change the greenhouse.

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