2023 Mercedes EQS SUV: official spy shots…

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These official “s[y shots”” seem to be a trend these days. At least, in the case of this new Mercedes, they do show quite a lot. A lot of not very exciting stuff.
that shape does look like an SUV from a number of brands. It literally could be anything from anyone. 
We already know the front end will be almost the same as the EQS sedan. And you can see almost everything else here.
Most of the interior will also be similar to the sedan.
This is all kind of sad…
The EQS sedan is rated at 350 miles of range in the US. This means the SUV will, of course, get less. Closer to 300 miles.
The sedan is priced at $102 000. That also means the SUV pictured here will be at least $110 000.
Both seem very expensive until you compare them to the new prices for the Tesla Model S and X.
These are now $100 000 and $115 000.
No matter what, the EQS models from Mercedes have at least a fantastic, truly luxurious interior for that price. 
Which is not the case at all for the Teslas.

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  1. While I like the smooth design of MB EV's, they definitely are very generic and not recognizable as MB's.

  2. I saw a test mule in Beverly Hills last night. It’s tall and from what I can see it’s going to be great!

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