2023 Toyota Crown: another illustration…

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There has been a surprising amount of Toyota Crown illustrations recently. The new generation is due out later this year. But most of them seem to depict a raised-up hatchback sedan.
Which is a complete departure from the “old man luxury sedan” look of all previous generations.
I guess all of these illustrators have similar info.
On top of that, we’ve seen info about a new “Crown” model from Toyota being sold in the US starting in October. Which is also weird. Unless Toyota really wants to get into Subaru’s market by offering a car-based SUV, like a raised hatchback sedan.
But why the name “Crown”?
At least it would be something new. I do think there would be a market for something like this. Especially with a standard Hybrid powertrain and maybe a PHEV option.
Why not?


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  1. As long as it doesn't look like the awkward Honda Crosstour sold several years ago, it should look fine.

  2. I guess this would replace the Avalon? But if the Avalon isn't even selling that well why bring the crown over which is a sedan? A luxurious sedan? And Lexus already sells their luxury vehicles so what's the point of this Crown? Despite all my questioning I would love to see a Crown in the US, but not some raised crossover vehicle. Like a real Toyota Crown, the classic sedans.

  3. Honestly, the new Mirai essentially replaced the Avalon in the US lineup, and probably should have carried the Crown name since it was such a dramatic improvement from the previous Mirai. If the Crown turns out to be an ICE-powered Mirai I wouldn't be too disappointed.

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