2023/24 Toyota BZ Sedan: pix and more pix…

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These are just a quick collection of photos of the upcoming electric sedan from Toyota. 
The concept we saw last year.
I am still pretty surprised to see how close the production version will be to that concept.
The only difference I can see so far is the placement of the rearview mirrors. Which are on the doors on the concept. 
As you can see, Toyota hasn’t released a rear view of the concept. Or interior, of course. But the concept appears to be a hatchback. And let’s hope the production car is one as well. Such a tiny trunk opening would be really tough to use. Although it seems open very low.
Also interestingly the concept didn’t have a “concept car-like” glass roof, but a regular sunroof. Just like the production car.  
Also, the production model will be about 185 inches long. Which is 7 inches shorter than a Camry But about 5 inches longer than the Corolla. Which means the model could eventually end up replacing both. Since, as an EV, it will probably be even roomier than the larger Camry inside. 
If they can bring down the price to about $36 000 before incentives, it could end up costing about the same as a base Camry LE.
It might not happen for a few years, since the Corolla and Camry are still hugely popular. (over 223 000 and 313 000 of these sold last year alone)

I think this is not only good news for the new sedan, but for the other concepts they showed us last year too,

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  1. Speaking of sedans and hatches. I finally drove the now “previous” generation Civic sedan as a rental. It was a pain getting my suit case in and out of such a small opening. It definitely should have been a fastback hatch.

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