Toyota “BZ-Sedan”: first spy shots of the production model…

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This is pretty surprising. I really didn’t expect to see a production prototype of the electric sedan concept we saw last year that soon.
The concept was part of that giant unveiling Toyota did just a few months ago. Showing about 20 different concepts of upcoming EVs.
Obviously, the sedan model was already quite advanced. As you can see, the production prototype seems to look exactly like the concept.
The interior, although different, seems obviously related to the new Bz4X.

And it looks really roomy. At least from the grainy spy shots. This could be about the size of a current Camry inside. While a bit more compact outside.

This is great to see Toyota quickly coming up with new EV models. Instead of just teasing us with cool concepts. Now let’s see what else is next.

Out of all these electric concepts we saw from Toyota, my favorite was the cool little blue off-road one, resembling the good old FJ Cruiser. Followed by that whole new compact Lexus lineup that includes 2 wagons and a convertible.

We might actually see all these sooner than later…


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  1. Too small to be the Crown. This looks a more compact than the Camry although it’s probably as roomy

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