Toyota : 30 EVs by 2030…

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It took a while, but it seems the Toyota giant has awakened.
After years of dissing electric cars, we know here things like “an EV for everyone”. 
I guess they are seeing VW and Hyundai/Kia turning out very nice electric cars and really don’t want to be late to the party (Unlike poor Honda…)
As you can see, it includes both Toyota and Lexus. And it looks like they are also going for really cool “niche” models as well.  Which is what they used to do, especially in the ’80s 90′.
That little yellow sports car looks like an MR-2 for the 21st century.
And the tiny blue trucky SUV looks like a really cool-looking electric FJ Cruiser.
Which one is your favorite?
(I will post more detailed pix very soon)


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  1. The Lexus spindle grille works SO much better when there is not actually a grille. For the first time since they introduced that design element, they finally have something that looks great. I also like the various boxy things in the back. If they do something along the lines of the much-loved Xb, it would be a big hit.

  2. This is an unusual strategy for an automaker to lay all their cards on the table so completely with so many vehicles, most are apparently fairly well along in development. I thinking it is to both establish confidence, yet also keep expectations low in how much detail will be revealed. I am sure they get some panicky and head spinning reactions from other manufacturers. This also seems like a good opportunity for Toyota to usher in drastic changes to their current products by establishing an "everything is changing" mentality.

  3. I was thinking the same thing. A pretty gutsy move. Also showing they will be covering all segments.

  4. Love these. Although with 2-3 year waiting lists for products like the Rav4 PHEV and the upcoming alphabet soup SUV, we probably won't see any of these in any scale until well past 2030…

  5. I like the boxy things in the back, particularly the green one second from right. that could be an interesting PHEV or electric delivery vehicle. the other once that's great is the sport coupe on the 2nd row, would make a great Celica or Supra… much better looking than the current BMW-built Supra

    some of the SUVs are generic… down to the color palette they chose, a sea of whites and greys. The little red one in the front row looks interesting, could make a great 1st car for my teen drivers.

  6. How is it that Toyota can show all of these upcoming vehicles but GM is so secretive about theirs. Sure, they have shown the Cadillac Lyriq and the GMC Hummer and the Chevrolet Silverado. But anything else, including Buick's EV offerings, are only in a single, dark photo and no details. Since there's nothing else, Vince, will you be showing the Buick crossover sketch that GM Design released recently? Did you show the Buick GL8 Flagship Concept and the Buick Pod Concept from China? Thank you.

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