Toyota EVs: return of the classics…

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It looks like Toyota’s Electric future will have room for some classic models. The EV pick-up at the bottom does look a lot like an electric version of the Tacoma. The classic “compact/mid-sized” pick-up. While Rivians, F-150 EVs, and Cybertrucks are great, most people will be interested in a more affordable and smaller Electric pick-up.
A Tacoma EV is of course a no-brainer.
While the Tacoma is still with us as an ICE model, the MR-2 and FJ Cruiser are long gone. But it appears they might come back as part of Toyota’s new lineup of EVS.
The roadster above would make a terrific new MR-2. It even has a removable top like the old ones.
And that little “Compact Cruiser EV” is obviously an FJ Cruiser for the 21st century.
Now with 4 proper doors.
I think this has the potential of being a huge hit. It gives Toyota a really cool-looking small SUV to go against the Bronco Sport. Toyota really needs to fast-track this one to production ASAP.
I hear VW is also working on a new “trucky looking” small EV.
It’ll be interesting to see which one comes out first…

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  1. finally sone nice designs from Toyota! The Compact Cruiser is brilliant, modern retro. So much better than their current RAV-4 and the upcoming bxyz or whatever that new car is called.
    the MR/2 is interesting, not why it has such large front radiator openings, for an electric car.. perhaps a smoother front end, maybe copying their LeMans winning car would be better.
    Mini electric or hybrid pickup truck is a no brainer. look at the success of the Ford Maverick.. read somewhere they are sold out until summer 2022

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