Audi A6 Avant E-Tron Concept; official photos…

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This is maybe the best-looking Audi design in many, many years. A very modern version of the classic Audi wagon, and it still looks like an Audi. Not a Chinese version of one.
Something BMW and even Mercedes could learn from.
With the A6 E-Tron already testing and getting ready for production, the wagon version will not be far behind.
Both are based on the new PPE platform that allows for 270kW charging speed capacity.
The EV range is up to 435 miles on the European test cycle. But somehow, I have also heard it could be only about 310 miles in the US. 
These are fine specs but actually in line with the current Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5.
In a year or two, I think all luxury brands should offer no less than 400 miles.
I also hear Audi has already decided not to offer the wagon version in the US. Which is really too bad. And apparently, a new generation ICE A6 is still on its way, about 3 years from now. Not sure why since it will be competing directly with the A6 E-Tron. 
No matter what, it’s good to see some great design. Especially after the BMW horror we just saw…


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  1. Absolutely stunning! I don't think I've said that about an Audi…..ever! It's really too bad about the wagon, but they are seeing how the RS6 isn't selling AND wanting to sell their SUVs here instead. It unfortunately makes sense. I guess we still only get the Taycan GranTurismo for now.

  2. Comparing the test cycle range conversion for BMW i4 then it's about 20% less.
    About 350 mile range then for the RWD version. Decent especially if you can also leverage fast charge (20 min. from 5-80% I believe?).

    Still we need a lot more fast chargers to improve the EV range for long trips. Hopefully that will be added at a faster pace.

  3. I agree, incredible as usual design from Audi, however the official photos seem to still be illustrations to my eye. Looking forward to seeing more of both.

  4. I haven't liked how an Audi looked in ages. Heck I might have never said anything good about an audi. But these look great. I love the wagon and the sedan variant. It looks complete and sculpted very nicely.

  5. Wow, Audi is making something that actually looks good! I think it's because the grille is toned down finally. They look awesome, and I love that sedan version. I would buy that sedan if I had tons of money.

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