Polestar 02 Concept: 4 seat EV convertible…

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I think this new Polestar 02 looks great. It is also the first 4 seat convertible I have seen so far. Except for the small pic, we saw last year of the upcoming Lexus Convertible EV. 
While convertibles rear seats are never roomy, this actually looks about as roomy as the back seat of a Mustang Convertible. Which wouldn’t be terrible, and actually useable.
The interior isn’t as cozy and luxurious as the current Polestar 2. But it seems to be the future trend with Polestar/Volvo interior designs.
As far as production plans, who knows. Although the 02 does look like a production-ready design. Mostly.
And they have been caught testing some weird prototype just a few days ago. Using a Volvo XC40 body.
But the whole thing is obviously much lower, sportier. And not an SUV.
This makes me think it could be a test mule for a production version of the Polestar 02.
Let’s hope…


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  1. Lol! I saw my first Polestar in my life on the road the other day. Might be a few more years before I see another. It was very underwhelming and generic looking.

    This concept looks cool.

  2. Hopefully they call it something else aside from "02" as it's going to get confusing with the Polestar 2.

  3. Hmmm, wonder which one will make it to the market first, this Volvo or the Tesla Roadster? I'm thinking the Volvo. Lol

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