2023 BMW 7 series: 1st pic!

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I believe this is the first pic of the real thing. And of course, it is a bit sad. 
Although the current S-Class is also a bit sad. Since it looks so much like the previous generation.
So far this seems very lazy and clumsy. Also quite heavy-handed. At the same time, super generic.
I am not sure who would actually pick this over an S-Class. Or these days, an EQS or a Lucid Air.
Apparently, a PHEV version will be available with a 62 miles range (European cycle).
Which is.. Nice… Why not.
Of course, the electric version called i7 will also be offered. 
I don’t know. So far, this is just looking bad. The new Genesis G90 looks so much nicer…

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  1. That's not the new 7 Series. That's just a render incorporating iX styling queues and old 7 wheels. The body lines and Hofmeister Kink are completely wrong.

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