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These are the first official photos of the all-new generation Genesis G90.
And it does look much better and more modern than any of the illustrations I have seen of it in the past few months.
I am really not a fan of the giant Genesis grille (I saw a GV80 a few days ago the FWY, and that grille looks horrible), but it seems a bit better when “rounded around the corners” like on this new design.
I think this already looks much more modern than the “new” Mercedes S-Class. 
And I cannot imagine the upcoming BMW 7 series looking remotely as good as this.
No specs and no interior shots yet. But that should be coming soon. And, as we know, an electric version is also planned. So this will also compete with the Mercedes EQS, Tesla Model S, and even the Lucid Air.
Good job so far…


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  1. Wow the stance of this car is absolutely incredible. Genesis took a risk but they completely nailed it. Makes any S/7/A8/etc look plain jane in comparison.

  2. I think it looks really good. I've never liked the sloping rear end look from the front, but it looks good here from the back angle. I love those tail lights. Really like the front end and it is very distinctive with a great presence and elegance.

  3. This is a great design. Somewhat over exaggerated with large proportions, but it works well. Softer edges look great.

  4. With the exception of the rear, after seeing more pics of the profile on other sites, I am not sure how I feel about the very elongated look of this G90. The rear doors look disproportionately larger than the front, which is usually the opposite with cars. The Lexus LS500 still remains my favorite in the class. I am willing to bet the G90's interior will be nothing short of amazing.

  5. Ok, just realized there is a long wheelbase model, so my previous comment might have been a little unfair about the G90's styling. The long wheelbase may have been what I had seen.

  6. The droopy tail ruins anything decent going on in the front. I have yet to see a car design pull it off.

  7. love the front. but i think the rear door window design/angle is off. also, the hard line on the side from the middle of the car to the back is either distracting or could use a little arch to match the front fender's arch….

  8. Can't say they copied anyone else's design. It's only derivative of the Genesis brand which is what they needed! Too bad they won't sell very many in the U.S.

  9. I think it's pretty ugly. (Not that the stuff coming out of BMW is any better.) This is "new money", I guess.

  10. These Genesis cars are like the Lexus products of the late 90s – when the company is trying to break into the market. Those old Lexus's are tanks…highest quality and reliability. I bet these early Genesis products are going to be tanks with quality and reliability.

  11. It's a full-size luxury sedan. Most of the time they have a larger back door…that's just how it is.

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