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The revised BMW X7 for 2023 gives us a little bit of a preview of the next 7 series face. Although from what we’ve seen, the grille on the 7 series will be even larger.
Speaking about the grille, I am surprised BMW showed a bit of restraint here and didn’t make it even larger. As it seems about the same as last year’s version.
Inside, of course, they are now using a large double screen. Which is the setup that is currently spreading across their lineup. (3 and 4 series are next)
That interior is still very, very busy. But at least looks better than the horrendous iX. (Which isn’t such an accomplishment…)
The great news is that BMW added 14 new colors! Yes. 14!
Which is really quite amazing in a world where most manufacturers offer so few choices.
At about $79 000, the revised X7 is about $2000 more than last year. 
Which is nothing compared to cars like the Tesla Model S with its “over $10 000” increase in about a year.


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  1. What is up with the squinting headlights? Fog lights way too high. Stupid. Long sticking out tablet interior. Not smooth classy at all.

  2. i like it. i hope the 7 series will be a semblance of this and not any of the sketches we've seen so far.

  3. so far away from "the ultimate driving machine" and great styling… this is just another huge "Sport" Utility Vehicle for people who think minivans are for losers. Still, I'm sure this will be aspirational for someone

    agree with Vince, this is the same front end we'll see on the new 7 series. It's not terrible but not great either – the Koreans and GM have been doing these split headlight front ends for a few years now.

    the interior is a mess. The flat, angular screen says "we didn't bother designing it"… saw the same on the lower models, it just looks tacked on like and afterthought. Cadillac is best with their flowing screens. Even Mercedes rounded the corners of their wide screen.. almost anything is better than BMW

    weird colors and textures. the <<< >>>>>>X7 on the trim in front of the passenger looks so cheap

    they put the large cupholders in front of the shifter and other controls… has BMW never dealt with teenagers and their Venti drinks? no one ever spilled anything in a car? it seems these controls are vulnerable there in case of spillage (unless they're waterproof?)

    one positive is that they're adding COLORS to their cars.. I am so tired of seeing a palette of greys bookended by white or black… Genesis gets this, they have the best color options for their cars nowadays

  4. It looks fine I guess. It's just hilarious BMW looked at the 2011 Jeep Cherokee and decided that was what they wanted to copy for their flagship sedan and suv.

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