2023 Chevrolet Chuangku/Trax: new interior…

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This Chinese Chevrolet model, the Chuangku, came out a couple of years ago. 
For the new year, it is getting a few changes (orange car) and a vastly improved interior.
For some markets, (like India) the Chuangku actually replaced what we have here as the Chevrolet Trax.
GM has already announced a brand new Trax for the US coming soon. Since this has been around for a couple of years, I’m not sure this will be our North American Trax replacement.
Although why not. It depends on how much GM wants to spend.
This is already more modern than the current Trax.
The problem with all these FWD-based GM crossovers is that they all look the same now. They all have some of that Blazer DNA. With sharp lines and creases. Everything starts looking “GM generic” these days.
We just saw the new Seeker. And that could also replace the Trax over here. 


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