2023 Ford Escape: new spy shot…

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As you can see in the top photo, the Ford Escape is getting some design changes for the 2023 Model Year. (2nd pic is the current model)
Which will make it look a bit more like the Chinese version (3rd pic)
I think the main problem with the current Escape is the interior. (Although the exterior is also quite generic and bland.)
The Chinese model (bottom pic) received some interior changes a while ago and it does look a bit better.
I saw the Escape in person when it was launched in 2019. And thought it was fine. You know, under all these lights surrounded by Ford execs, etc… But later at the Auto Show, I realized how “just OK” it was.
I guess things are tough for the Escape. (although about 145 000 units were still sold last year) The RAV-4 is far more poular. The Nissan Rogue was all-new last year. And there is a new generation Honda CR-V on its way.
On top of that, the Bronco Sport isn’t helping. Based on the same platform, it has 1000 times more personality. (although with around 108 000 units sold last year, the Escape is still more popular. For now)


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  1. Visually I do think this is the weakest looking Escape. It has a wimpy looking front end but maybe that's what it's clientele wants, I don't know? I'm not sure this refresh will change much.

  2. I drove a Titanium Hybrid in the summer and absolutely loved it. Mind you the interior is very bland and very cheap looking. I had a rental Rav4 in the spring last year and the escape drove so much nice and the engine was soooo much smoother compared to the rav4. Mind you the rav4 was a LE cheap model. Unfortunately they wanted to offer me 4000k less for my trade then the black book said it was worth at wholesale. I was like yeah no thanks!

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