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I must say, this is, so far, quite a disappointment. I wasn’t expecting the best-looking thing after seeing the many spy shots I’ve published earlier. Or even the teasers.
Still… This has to be one of the most generic designs out there. On top of it, nothing in here says “Honda”. At all.
And that front end is the final insult. The weirdo design within the grille. The huge amount of cheap-looking black plastic trim on the bumper, etc… 
Maybe it looks fantastic and classy in real life???? 
As far as specs, Honda isn’t saying much yet.
We get stuff like:
– “Aspirational qualities beyond its segment”
– “Inspired by the thrill of new experiences” (my favorite)
– “Sporty proportions”. Or “Athletic stance”.
Although I’m glad to know it offers “windshield wipers that hide under the hood when not in use”. (Something almost all American cars had in the ’70s.)
All we know for sure is that it is now based on the Honda Civic platform. 
The Civic’s 2.0 Liter is expected to be the base engine.
As you can see on the spy shot I posted a few months ago (bottom pic). There will be 2 versions of the HR-V. One of the prototypes has concealed exhaust and the other seems to get larger and sportier wheels.
Which could mean a hybrid or even a PHEV.
Oddly enough, the official shots seem to show the version with the concealed pipes and smaller wheels. Although Honda isn’t mentioning anything about the powertrain.
And nothing about the interior yet…


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  1. Vince, as always, you are spot on with the description. What a missed opportunity for Honda… generic from most angles, weird from the front. there's nothing "athletic" about it, the proportions are typical of a FWD tall wagon with a large front overhang.

    let's see the interior and hear about the engines!

    We looked at Hondas late Jan: very little inventory new or old. The used ones were going for near MSRP prices in spite of the cars being 3 years old and 30K+ miles. The new ones had a $5000 market adjustment tacked on to their price. What a mess!

    they will need to price the new HR-V right AND ensure the dealers don't price gouge

  2. It looks like a combination between an Acura and a Mazda. It is nothing earth shattering but it isn't bad either.

  3. B.U.T.T. U.G.L.Y.
    How in the entire world of auto design could Honda even come up with a grill design so P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C.??!!

  4. This is a huge nothing. Disappointing. This just looks like Fiat designed it for Alpha Romeo…old and characterless. I see really nothing of the flair from the concept sketch they've been pushing in everyone's faces.

  5. I like it a lot. The front remember the Civic 4gen pushed up. Wai better than the euro version. I hope will be available also here.

  6. By far maybe the most generic vehicle I have ever seen. Zero aspirational design. Especially from the side and the back. This could be anything. The only thing that might have a little character is the front but even that doesn't look like a Honda. That said, it's not bad. It's just nothing stunning to look at.

  7. Ugly..just no words.. this is DOA. Look at the new European HR V. Why do we always get the crappy stuff from Honda? Honda you deserve a big. F on this new HRV

  8. I hated how it looked this morning…

    Now i came back to see it and it's growing on me.

    The front on look stole a bit of style from the escape grill and lambo suv lights

  9. I was disappointed with the reveal too at first, but I think it will look better in the flesh (hopefully). Came across this video of real-life footage of the car, versus the over-filtered CGI press images, and I think it looks closer to how I imagined it under the camo spy shots > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WztiN5H7XuM

  10. With the reactions here, you'd think Honda committed murder. It's really not that bad. It doesn't stand out but it will sell well.

  11. The truth is that these worthless close-up shots create distortion of the front look. The youtube video is helpful. But the design language does not bode weel for the future CRV either…

  12. Does anyone think this could be a basis for the Acura ADX that Honda trademarked not too long ago? I know everyone thinks that's the tag for the new EV…but Acura needs a Q3/X1/GLA/NX competitor and this would be a good foundation to build on. I mean, just look at that nose! Can't you see the Acura pentagon on it?

  13. Unbelievably bland. Compare this to Kia's new Niro-which is well proportioned and very modern. This has the side profile of a 2007 Santa Fe, which was bland even back then. Honda appears to have collected quite a few duds (again…) in their design department.

  14. That front overhang from the wheel well looks oddly heavy. The A pillar back looks nicely sculpted but the front hood area just looks clipped on. Like it is from a totally different car.

  15. I purchased a 22 HR-V EX-L last October for my daughter. A few weeks ago I received a survey from Honda about what features, interior/exterior accessories, would you consider a manual transmission if offered, wheel/tire packages, decals , tech. This will probably be the first Honda with the Google auto operating system, color choices.

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