2023 Hyundai Palisade: first official teasers…

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From these new teaser photos, the revised Hyundai Palisade for 2023 does look a bit cleaner. It still looks like a gig wall of chrome wrapped up in a simpler design.
the main changes are upfront. But the rear end will also be revised.
As far as the interior, the spy shot we’ve seen earlier shows a revised dashboard. Although not all new. The rest f the interior seems to be carried over.
We will see the whole thing in a week. 


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  1. It's an improvement over the older one and looks more uniform. That 'last' rendering you posted here by whomever made that rendering was the most accurate on the front for sure. This looks good.

  2. An overall improvement so far. I got used to the old design, but it certainly wasn't "pretty." This one they could totally compete for some more upmarket style. Slap on tons of chrome and they got it ready.

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