2023 Im L7: another Tesla competitor from China…

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Chinese manufacturers seem to be coming up with new electric cars every day. Most of them vaguely look like a Tesla. And many of them actually seem better and more upscale than their US competition.
This new L7 sedan from IM Motors is the latest local blow against the Tesla Model S.
The quoted base price on the top photo seems the be the equivalent of $58 000. Another more expensive model is also available for around $65 000. Which would be far less than the Model S. And actually close to the much smaller LR Model 3. At least in the US.
The range on the Chinese cycle is rated at 382 miles for the base model. Which is quite a bit less than the 405 miles of the Model S in the US cycle.
Still, this is a much cheaper car. With an arguably nicer interior and a real steering wheel.
Interestingly enough, the car will be marketed by online giant company Alibaba. Which makes you wonder if there will be a way to bring this over here in the future. 


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