2023 Kia Telluride: new X-Pro version…

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Kia just revised the Telluride SUV for 2023. And it looks like they didn’t ruin it. Even though I really preferred the previous front LED design. (Which I think was cleaner and more original than these new small vertical lines.)
Otherwise, the new “X-Pro specific” front end does look pretty nice. I am not a fan of the dark wheels, but that seems to be saying “off-road” to lots of people somehow.
The interior is also more modern. With the clean-looking double screen, Kia has been using on all their new models.
The engine is the same and no new hybrid version is available. So this is still the old fashion big 3-row SUV with a big (and smooth) V6.
As mentioned above, the new off-road-oriented X-Pro version is available. As well as a new X-Line trim. For those who just want to look like they’re going off-road.
Kia sold over 93 000 Tellurides last year. (which is good but still much less than the Chevrolet Traverse with over 116 000 sold last year)
I remember they had pretty long waiting lists when the SUV first came out.
And I don’t think availability is better these days with all the supply issues manufacturers are having.
This revised version is even more attractive and could be more popular. But it will be even harder to find one…


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  1. Only thing I'm going to miss is the name on the hood though. But it is an improvement on the exterior.

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