Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept: official photos…

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Genesis just unveiled official pix of their new X Speedium Coupe concept.
I guess this is some kind of a follow-up to last year’s X Coupe Concept.
While the X Coupe looked gorgeous to most, this new concept seems more “polarizing”.
At least in these computer-generated illustrations. It almost looks like a hatchback version of the previous concept.
I do like that they finally got rid of the unnecessary huge grille on an EV. Although tat front end isn’t the most pleasing design either, with the light strip dipping into the lower vents.
Otherwise, I do love the idea of a big electric luxury coupe.
Who knows, these “personal luxury coupes” so popular in the 1970s could make a return. 
Could a new Eldorado and Mark IX be on their way???
(Sadly I don’t think so…)


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