2023 Audi Q5: new illustrations…

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These new illustrations of the 2023 Audi Q5 look very close to the spy shots (bottom pic) we have already seen of the next-generation German SUV.
The wider and thinner grille is a good improvement over the current model. (although these fake side vents really have to go…)
And the whole thing seems pretty classy and upscale. In that “quiet” Audi way.
Audi sold over 60 000 of these in the US last year. Not bad at all for a 5-year-old model. It is also better than the Mercedes GLC, also in its last year for the current generation. Which will be its main competition. But also newcomers like the Genesis GV70.
And it will soon go against a future mid-size e-Tron model between the Q4 e-Tron and larger e-Tron. Sure, the e-Tron models are more expensive, before incentives. 
Just like the current Q3 kind of competes with the new Q4 e-Tron these days.
The electric model is only about $7000 more than the regular Q3. Which means it costs less than the ICE model if you qualify for various incentives. 
This new Q5 could end up costing more than the upcoming mid-size e-Tron for most customers.
Sales will end up being shared with these 2 models and I don’t think the “regular” Q5 will ever be as popular as it has been.


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