2023 BMW 3 series sedan: official photos…

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The good news about the revised 2023 BMW 3 series is that it doesn’t have a giant grille. Considering what we’ve seen lately, this is actually not bad. The headlights are a bit cleaner too.
Still. They just couldn’t help making the lower grille much larger. So large that it now almost touches the upper kidney grille.
And they even added even more of that cheap-looking black plastic crap trim on each side.
Same thing in the rear. There’s a lot more of that cheap black stuff everywhere.
They’ve also tried very hard to make the front and rear ends much more angular for some reason.
Which doesn’t really match the rest of the car.
Inside, the new curved screen was expected since we saw it many times in various spy shots.
The same screen they use in other models. The one with that weird little plastic stand in the back.
Making the whole thing look like an aftermarket item.
Apparently, the powertrains are the same as before. But the price will go up from the current $41 500.
(Which is only about $2000 less than the all-new Mercedes C-Class.)
I don’t know… If I was in the market for an overpriced small sedan, I guess for the same price I would pick the new C-Class. At least it seems a bit classier, more upscale, and really new. 


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  1. i like the front… the sharp edges are nice and all… however it doesn't flow well with the profile… they should be more drastic like Hyundai Elentra and Sonata.

    the interior…. hmmmm…. not sure how i feel exactly…. however…. can someone explain to me where the gearshift went? what kind of selector did bmw decide to go with on the flat panel screens?

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