2023 Honda HR-V: more interior shots…

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Again, these are technically photos of the Chinese Honda ZR-V. Which is the local version of our 2023 Honda HR-V.

As mentioned earlier, the main difference inside is the cool panoramic sunroof (Bottom pic). Something Honda won’t bring over here. At least in the HR-V.

Otherwise, the interior is trying very hard to use more rounded shapes, when compared to the more angular Civic interior (3rd photo). Even though the dashboard vents seem the same as in the Civic, the shapes are rounded off at both ends. The console and armrests also have more bulbous shapes. Which actually almost reminds me of many 1990s GM Pontiac interiors. Which weren’t the best, and looked really dated very quickly. I guess Honda is trying to match the softer HR-V exterior. 

So far, I think the Civic interior is more upscale and the doors and dashboard shapes seem more coordinated.

 I guess a Civic Hatchback Touring 6 speed would still be my choice over this…


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  1. Absolutely floors me how Honda will equip a vehicle with a Pano roof, yet omit any type of adjustable lumbar control.

  2. You can pick out right away what content we wont get here: pano-roof, extra map pocket behind driver seat, and rear seat air vents. I'm ok with the regular moonroof, but the car should have rear sear air vents AND driver's lumbar support in the top trims in this day and age.

    My other gripe – Honda's black interiors are as dreary as they come because they wont vary any of the shades of plastics or seating materials. Who ever is doing their interior material choices needs an antidepression medication.

  3. Vince, thanks for this pictures and the work you do on your website, I've been a fan for many years.
    Regarding the HRV, I really like the interior but not crazy about the exterior, too plain to much alike like the Ford Escape.
    I currently own a 2022 Forester Wilderness and I love it but I'm really waiting for the new CRV Hybrid.
    I would buy a HRV but only a Hybrid or one with a 1.5 turbo.
    I received an email from my local stealership that they'll be getting the HRV next month, but they have no price or specs at this time.

    I'm getting an electric vehicle in October (Toyo) but I already know I won't keep it because its range and price. IMO, hybrid is the way to go.
    I would love to get a Toyo Hybrid but the stealerships are crazy with prices.
    Love Subaru since I've paid about $1K less than MSRP, but Honda, Toyo and others are really crazy, pure robberies.

    Vince keep up the good work.

  4. agreed- saw this on a chinese video for the Honda ZRV (link on the TOV website). If Honda would market this right and add more features, this HRV would have a real shot of competing against the Subaru Outback. Add a hybrid, and they'll crush Subie on MPG alone. Maybe if I wish REAL REAL HARD.

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