2023 Lexus RX: new teaser…

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 Lexus has just released a teaser for the redesigned 2023 RX.

And it shows a really interesting take on their spindle grille design. Where it seems to lack any chrome surrounding trim. It seems better integrated into the front end.A much simpler and modern approach. 

Although many still think they should just get rid of that grille design altogether. It seems they have a very hard time admitting that the huge grille was quite a mistake. Just like it took so many years for Acura to change that big belt buckle look on the front of their cars years ago (The replacement isn’t much better IMO…)

The RX is still a big hit for Lexus with over 115 000 sold last year. The rest of the design will probably be a conservative evolution of the present generation. As expected…

We should see the whole thing on June 1st. (and hopefully before)

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