2023 Nissan Altima: new spy shot…

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The Nissan Altima is getting a few changes for 2023. We have seen spy shots before (even the interior) but this new photo shows the redesigned front end. And it does seem a little weird.
Not really an improvement over what we have now…
I guess it makes it a bit more different than the Maxima. But the Maxima is old and could be canceled any day now.
This revised Altima will do battle with a revised Sonata for 2023. And an all-new Honda Accord.
While the Honda will be a new design, the Sonata will be the last facelift before the model disappears entirely in a couple of years.
Same thing with the new Kia K5.
I guess that will be a few more sedan buyers for whoever will be left. Like Toyota Nissan and Honda…


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  1. Why? They have absolutely ruined the front end of what was not a bad looking car. Tighten up the grill area. Go full LEDs. Dark tint the chrome. But this???

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