2023 Nissan Altima: new spy pix…

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This is the first shot of the revised interior for the 2023 Nissan Altima. Basically, the middle part of the dashboard seems all new. While only the cupholders seem to have been redesigned on the console.
And of course, the screen is much larger. At least in the version pictured here.
And again, not integrated at all into the rest of the interior. Which is too bad…
The LED design within the rear lights is also new. And there will no doubt be some changes to the front end.
At over 103 000 units sold last year, the Altima isn’t a terrible seller for Nissan. Although it is dwarfed by the Rogue which sold over 285 000 units in the same year. 

But it is still much more popular than the Hyundai Sonata with less than 84 000 units in 2021.

I’m actually glad to see Nissan spending some time and money on the Altima. Japanese and Lorean car makers are not nearly done with sedans in the US. Great to see many choices for people who don’t want an SUV. The current crop of mid-sized sedans is better than ever. 


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  1. While the Altima is far from my top choice of sedan, I am happy to see they are working on it. I hope it gets the attention it needs to be more competitive. I wish American brands would offer me a good sporty sedan. Last one was the Chrysler 200S or the Chevy SS. After that, they disappeared sadly.

    If you want a sedan, you are stuck with buying something foreign right now and none are as sporty for the price.

    Hope Nissan gets it right. What Nissan tends to do is they put a lot of effort in making a new model, then they just give up when it isn't competitive enough and they just let it sit for years to become further outdated. They need to keep up with the refreshes and show people they are willing to stand behind their models for more than just the first model year.

  2. It’s a pretty extensive dash update.
    The design is more streamlined and the air vents appear to be more upscale than the current ones.
    As we move further and further away from Ghosn cost-cutting years, Nissans are becoming more desirable again. I hope they are able to speed up their electric ambitions as it was and still is ahead of the curve of many of it’s Japanese counterparts. I’d hate to see Toyota take credit after dragging it’s feet for so many years.

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