2023 Nissan Sakura: 1st official photo…

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The new Nissan Sakura might be the very first electric tiny Kei car in Japan (although Mitsubishi is already working on something too)

As you can see in the bottom photo, it is super tiny next to the Nissan Ariya. The range is rumored to be around 125 miles. Which isn’t much at all. But probably just enough for such a small thing.


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  1. "Which isn't much at all".
    Japan's Cars: Lower Annual KM
    These figures below show the number of kilometers a typical car is driven on average each year:

    Japan = 9,300 KM
    EU = 15,000 KM
    USA = 19,310 KM

    That could be, because they drive less than half the distance per year than in the US.

    But, here's the Plot Twist. Electricity doesn't know that. It will replenish the batteries at any speed the car makers decides is adequate.

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